We're excited to launch our first team shop with Wilson Sporting Goods!  They have set up a site for our organization to purchase custom decorated items and stock items at discounted prices.  You will have access to purchase decorated Bandit items until November 9th and these items will be delivered in time for Christmas.  We will open other custom Bandit stores throughout the year but now would be the time to make any Christmas purchases.

After Nov 9th the store will stay open for Slugger and Demarini Bats, Wilson Ball Gloves, and Evoshield protective items 24/7/365.


Below is the link and access code that everyone will need to use to access the store.  After you create an account you then can access the store at any time of the year with your user name and password just by going to www.wilsonteamshop.com.

Link to create an account and access code for Bandits merchandise:


Access Code:  Q7OMWD9U